domingo, outubro 3

Já sinto o cheiro a mar

I can smell the sea air. Ah, the sea! The blessedest thing that God
created in the seven days. The rest of my
days I’m going to spend on the sea. And when I die I’m going to die
there on the sea, that sea. One day, out on the ocean, I will die. I will
die, with my hand in the hand of some good-looking nice ship’s doctor
with a small blond moustache. And he’ll have a silver watch and he’ll
look at me. And he’ll look at his silver watch and sadly say: “Poor
lady.” I’ll be buried at sea, dropped overboard sewn up in a clean
white shroud.
At the stroke of noon in the blaze
of summer into an ocean as blue as my first love’s eyes.

(Renee Fleming no papel de Blanche, em Um eléctrico chamado desejo, ópera de André Prévin, 1998. Acto III, cena 4.)

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