sábado, outubro 17


Passa hoje o centenário de Arthur Miller, um dos grandes dramaturgos do século passado. Criticou a amoralidade do capitalismo e também a duvidosa ética de algumas das suas vítimas da classe média. Na sua obra prima, Morte de um caixeiro viajante, não há rapazes bons.

BIFF: No, you’re going to hear the truth — what you are and what I am!
LINDA: Stop it!
WILLY: Spite!
HAPPY (coming down toward Biff): You cut it now!
BIFF (to Happy): The man don’t know who we are! The man is gonna know! (To Willy) We never told the truth for ten minutes in this house!
HAPPY: We always told the truth!
BIFF (turning on him): You big blow, are you the assistant buyer? You’re one of the two assistants to the assistant, aren’t you?
HAPPY: Well, I’m practically —
BIFF: You’re practically full of it! We all are! And I’m through with it. (To Willy.) Now hear this, Willy, this is me.
WILLY: I know you!
BIFF: You know why I had no address for three months? I stole a suit in Kansas City and I was in jail. (To Linda, who is sobbing.) Stop crying. I’m through with it. (Linda turns away from them, her hands covering her face.)
WILLY: I suppose that’s my fault!
BIFF: I stole myself out of every good job since high school!
WILLY: And whose fault is that?
BIFF: And I never got anywhere because you blew me so full of hot air I could never stand taking orders from anybody! That’s whose fault it is!
WILLY: I hear that!
LINDA: Don’t, Biff!
BIFF: It’s goddam time you heard that! I had to be boss big shot in two weeks, and I’m through with it.

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